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About Us

about us

Our Focus is to serve the Parkland community. We all live in South Florida – most of us were born here and went to school here. We know South Florida schools, teachers, counselors, admissions teams, and staff … from security guards to presidents to PTAs. If you go to school in Palm Beach or Broward County or want to go to school at FAU in Boca Raton – we can take care of you like nobody else. We believe in working locally, building community, and prioritizing long term relationships.​

At Tutors Who Care of Parkland, we believe that one-on-one tutoring is the key in achieving great academic success. We believe that a student's study environment plays a role in how they absorb and understand the material. Having the comfort of your home as the backdrop when you study, allows students to feel relaxed and avoids the distractions from a classroom setting. Our in-home service also eliminates the need to travel to a tutoring center thus maximizing your child’s learning time.

The combination of individualized attention, a secure learning environment, and convenience will enable your child to quickly get back on their academic track and reach his or her full learning potential. ​
​Tutors Who Care of Parkland connects the best tutors in Parkland and the surrounding areas which combines a great academic background with their ability to teach.

​At Tutors Who Care of Parkland, we believe knowing the material is only half the battle and how that material is applied is the main focal point. We guarantee that parents and students will see a significant change in their child’s study habits just after a few sessions. You will be amazed at how Tutors Who Care of Parkland will change your child's academic career.