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Math Tutoring

math tutor

Most students need math tutoring. If you’re looking for an affordable math tutor, you’re not alone. Studies show that it takes more than your natural ability to succeed in math – it takes practice and a positive mindset. Tutors Who Care of Parkland’s math tutoring can help you or your student create a comprehensive, convenient, and affordable tutoring plan to succeed in math.

Tutors Who Care of Parkland has delivered results for over 11 years and students who receive our math tutoring see fantastic improvements to their math scores compared to their peers. Whether it's help with math problems, an upcoming math test or fixing a long-term issue, our expert math tutors help students succeed in the classroom, on college entrance exams, and beyond.
Our highly skilled knowledgeable team of tutors all have one main trait in common, we are all dedicated to providing a sincere approach to helping our students increase their math skills by making measurable improvements after every tutoring session. We offer math tutoring in basic math for kindergarten- 12th grade as well as college level algebra, geometry, and calculus. We also help students who need proper attention for remedial math as well.
One of our top tutors at Tutors Who Care of Parkland holds a Bachelor's degree in Math and Master's degree in Special Education making sure that we are just as prepared as you are to tackle any problem. You will get a handpicked tutor who often has a decade or more of teaching experience and usually has an advanced degree in the specific area for which your child needs help. On top of that, we go to great lengths to train our tutors with a coaching methodology that allows them to mentor the student. Our tutoring and mentoring process enhances students’ self-knowledge, empowers their goal setting, and clarifies their values.