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Home School Tutoring

homeschool tutor

Parents in Parkland , Florida are no different from parents everywhere - they are dedicated to finding the best educational environment for their children. Many have found that the best place for learning is at home where there are less distractions that create a comfortable learning experience for their children.

At Tutors Who Care of Parkland, we offer an innovative solution to the public education system by offering our tutoring services to home-schoolers to make sure our students receive the same amount of individualized attention that they need for progressive improvements. Whether your children need work in English writing skills, Vocabulary or Grammar, Algebra, Geometry, or just need a tutor to help prepare for the SAT, Tutors Who Care of Parkland is your go to tutoring service!

It is estimated that there are 2,966,229 home-schooled children in Florida, with a projected increase of 7-15% per year. Homeschooling in Florida may have begun with the stereotypical image of religious fundamentalists and fringe element hippies, but today the booming growth is among mainstream parents, who find home education less radical than what is offered as "education" on some public and private school campuses.

In South Florida the geography, climate, and lifestyle offer an abundance of educational opportunities for families who wish to learn at home. For the fact that Florida parents helped to pioneer modern-day homeschooling, the resources and support are in abundance. Our tutors will help you find the information you need to homeschool successfully in Parkland, Florida. Call now by clicking here or calling 954-420-6517 to get more information about how our tutors can offer the mentorship your child needs to succeed.