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ACT Tutor

The ACT is a standardized test that will allow you to get into the college you desire, if you are properly prepared. With Tutors Who Care of Parkland, we can help you every step of the way. Our ACT tutoring professionals are well trained in ACT test preparation and ACT tutoring. They are excited to help you succeed! For the past decade, Tutors Who Care of Parkland has helped students across the country increase their ACT scores on average 5-6 cumulative points by providing our ACT Test Prep program and ACT tutoring services! Our proprietary ACT test prep and tutoring program, with our cutting edge technology allows our students to work smarter and more efficiently!
The first section of the ACT you will take will always consist of English. The ACT English section is 75 questions and you are given 45 minutes to answer, that’s only 36 seconds per question, so it’s important to be strategic. There are two broad content areas you will be tested on: Usage and Mechanics (Punctuation, Grammar, Sentence Structure) , and Rhetorical Skills (Strategy, Organization, and Style). The approximate breakdown of the test is as follows: Punctuation (10-15%), Grammar and Usage (15-20%), Sentence Structure (15-20%), Strategy (15-20%), Organization (15-20%), Style (10-15%). It is also important to note that you will not be tested on vocabulary or spelling in the ACT English section.
Preparing for college entry exams like the SAT test or the ACT test can be a very exciting yet intimidating process. Learning the right study skills is an essential part of the process and selecting the right tutor can mean the difference between passing with flying colors or falling shy of your goals. At Tutors Who Care of Parkland, we have the #1 Rated SAT test prep tutors. If you are looking for the best SAT prep classes in Broward County or West Palm Beach, then you are in the right place. If you want to score at the top of your class, then you need top-notch college prep.