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Tutors Who Care of Parkland

Special Needs Tutoring of Parkland

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Many of our clients work hand in hand with a clinical psychologist to make an accurate determination of what type of learning disorder their child has that may be hindering their progress in school. By identifying the learning challenge, our special needs’ tutors are able to address what type of approach to take while tutoring. Our math and English tutors have decades of combined experience working with students who suffer from ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Bipolar disorder, and other similar learning challenges that we are trained to handle.

About Us

Our Focus is to serve the Parkland community. We all live in South Florida – most of us were born here and went to school here. We know South Florida schools, teachers, counselors, admissions teams, and staff … from security guards to presidents to PTAs. If you go to school in Palm Beach or Broward County or want to go to school at FAU in Boca Raton – we can take care of you like nobody else. We believe in working locally, building community, and prioritizing long term relationships.​


    Our Services

    Our tutors all understand that there are fundamental principles that when followed will breed massive success in maximizing the effectiveness of tutoring offered to our students. Educator effectiveness is defined as a system of measurement that has been successfully used to analyze the amount of information that can be absorbed by students from Kindergarten all the way through 12th grade. Tutors Who Care of Parkland uses multiple measures of assessment such as classroom observations, samples of student work, assessments of test scores, and teacher artifacts to determine the impact a teacher or tutor has on a student's educational outcome.

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    Special Needs Tutoring

    At Tutors Who Care of Parkland, we take our positions as academic advisors very seriously and understand the dynamics behind what makes sense, and what finally makes concepts click inside the student's mind. This is no accident either, as our experiences have shown nothing shy of success, time and time again.

    SAT Tutoring

    ACT Tutoring

    The ACT is a standardized test that will allow you to get into the college you desire, if you are properly prepared. With Tutors Who Care of Parkland, we can help you every step of the way. Our ACT tutoring professionals are well trained in ACT test preparation and ACT tutoring. They are excited to help you succeed! For the past decade, Tutors Who Care of Parkland has helped students across the country increase their ACT scores on average 5-6 cumulative points by providing our ACT Test Prep program and ACT tutoring services! Our proprietary ACT test prep and tutoring program, with our cutting edge technology allows our students to work smarter and more efficiently!


    SAT Tutoring

    Tutors Who Care of Parkland is totally different from other companies. We create a study plan customized only for you, designed to get you the biggest score improvements. First, we assign you a diagnostic to figure out your exact level in over forty different SAT skills. Next, we create a week-by-week study plan customized specifically for you. By adapting content to your skill level, you always get questions and lessons that are the right level to challenge you.

    "A friend referred Evan Weisberg to me after he tutored her sons, saying, "He really seems to care." I hired him for test prep with my son, and I agree that he has a sincere desire to see his pupils improve and succeed. ” Mike, Florida

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    “Evan is very knowledgeable about the overall SAT and ACT testing systems. Besides skillful tutoring in the core subjects, he teaches very helpful strategies and tips to take the tests. These insights, combined with mock test practice and review of weak areas, are the formula Evan successfully used to help my son gain confidence and improve his score.” - Smith, Florida


    Math Tutoring

    Most students need math tutoring. If you’re looking for an affordable math tutor, you’re not alone. Studies show that it takes more than your natural ability to succeed in math – it takes practice and a positive mindset. Tutors Who Care of Parkland’s math tutoring can help you or your student create a comprehensive, convenient, and affordable tutoring plan to succeed in math.

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    Home School Tutoring

    At Tutors Who Care of Parkland, we offer an innovative solution to the public education system by offering our tutoring services to home-schoolers to make sure our students receive the same amount of individualized attention that they need for progressive improvements. Whether your children need work in English writing skills, Vocabulary or Grammar, Algebra, Geometry, or just need a tutor to help prepare for the SAT, Tutors Who Care of Parkland is your go to tutoring service!

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    Reading Comprehension Tutors

    The reading tutors at Tutors Who Care of Parkland are thoroughly knowledgeable and skilled at helping students in elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college with a variety of reading issues such as: Reading Comprehension, Reading Fluency, Vocabulary Development, Letter, Word Recognition, Decoding, Phonics, Word Pronunciation, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia; Hyperlexia, Auditory and Visual Processing.

    PRE-K Tutoring

    After 10 years in the tutoring industry, we’ve learned a few important details about what it takes to help students succeed. Sure, we may be biased, but we truly believe that no other tutoring company cares as much about its clients, or goes through as much trouble to ensure their satisfaction and success as Tutors Who Care of Parkland. Our personal touch is evident in everything from the initial consultation with you and your child to the placement of a perfectly matched tutor. This commitment to quality and academic success truly makes Tutors Who Care of Parkland different from other companies. Our tutors are thoroughly screened and background checked prior to hiring and you get the right tutor every time, guaranteed!


    At Tutors Who Care of Parkland, we cater to all age groups from Kindergarten-12th grade and also work with plenty of students that need help preparing for college courses, or college entry exams. All of our tutors hold up to the Master's degree level of education, some with a Master's in Special Education. If you are seeking an SAT tutor in or near Parkland, Fl, need an SAT tutor online, or want to give us a call to inquire about SAT tutor rates then we would like to reassure you that you are making the best decision possible by allowing us to cater to your child's specific educational needs. Feel free to call us now by clicking here or call 954-420-6517.